Federal Republic of Germany is the EU’s largest Economy as it is the Strongest and Leading exporter of Vehicles, Electrical, machinery,
chemicals, engineering, automobiles and household equipments.

Germany’s industrial advance and high efficiency attracts immigrants worldwide for their professional growth.One of the main advantages is approaching Full Employment as it is very open to Skilled Workers from abroad especially in STEM professions.

What are my chances?

Germany labor market invites qualified professional workers through Job Seeker Visa or Work Visa for their Economic Growth.

Basic Requirements 

Germany introduces a new law, The Skilled Immigration Act for eligible
candidates to work in their country. Basic Criteria as follows

  1. Education Qualification must be recognized from German Authorities via ANABIN or Equivalency Certificate from ZABWork Experience
  2. Proof of Funds
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Germany Language Level A2 (Job Seeking Visa)
  5. Job offer or Contract (Work Visa)
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